Mini Spitbraai



With our exclusive 4-Basket Grid, the Mini Spitbraai turns into a SUPER Spitbraai that can serve 50 People


See what this Spitbraai can do:

mini_spitYou can use the Mini Spitbraai to prepare your favourite dishes anywhere….anytime! mini_accessoriesThe Mini Spitbraai comes with all these accessories, including a frying pan, grill and spit forks.
mini_burnerThe Mini Spitbraai has a powerful but adjustable burner thatwill ensure that your dish is prepared perfectly to specifications mini_breakfastPrepare the perfect breakfast. Eggs, Sausages, Bacon and all the trimmings using the pan that comes with the Mini Spitbraai.
mini_chickenPrepare whole chicken to perfection and the Mini Spitbraaican handle 2 or more easily,with extras.

mini_braaiWould you like to bake your own bread? No Problem. Have a look at a simple, yet tasty recipe under our recipes.

mini_game_meatPrepare your favourite game meat cuts to perfection.

mini_combinationsThe combinations of meat you can prepare in your Mini Spitbraai are endless.


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