Lamb Spitbraai


Standard Spitbraai

Your basic BarBraai Spitbraai comes with standard rotary system to prepare whole lamb or pork, several whole chickens or deboned lamb. Have your very own fully-functional Spitbraai that is built from stain-less steel and has the power to prepare just about any of your favourite braai dishes.


Everything you need to get started is included with your Spitbraai:

  • Fully adjustable gas burners. Five ways to adjust burners to get the exact heat distribution you need
  • Powerful motor that turns at 4 rpm
  • Gas canister stand with it’s own wheel to move with your Spitbraai( Just add your own gas canister )
  • Pipes, connecter tubes and regulator

Our Lamb Spitbraai’s are ‘Loadshedding’ resistant


Add some powerful extras:

Flat Grill

Add a custom grill to the rotary system to prepare chops, wors, ribs, flatty chicken and much more.

Rotary Baskets

Use it to prepare whole lamb, chicken, roasts. It has 4 baskets 30 to 40 whole chicken. Mix loads up to 45kg or 3 de-boned lambs.

Barbraai Griddle

Barbraai_griddleAdd a Barbraai Griddle to your spitbraai and create even more great dishes. From breakfast to cakes and pies. Your options are endless.

Prepare 4 deboned lamb at once?

4_deboned_lambOf course you can! Just add our Rotary basket system to your braai. Easy as pie…


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