Full Range of Accessories from Bar Braai’s

So you’ve taken our advice and decided to buy your own spit braai; it’s a great idea, as it means that you can cook outdoors whenever you want without the need to plan in advance, and with our up to date gas powered equipment you can be up and running in no time at all. Also, you now know that your stainless steel braai is built to a high standard of quality and will last a long time; all you need to know now is what accessories you can get to go with it, and the answer is plenty!

At Bar Braai’s we have a full range of cooking accessories for your quality stainless steel braai, whichever model you have chosen to buy. For our standard spit braai you can add a flat grill – perfect for cooking chops, rubs and more – and a selection of rotary baskets which can handily increase the capacity of your cooking equipment and may be used for anything from whole chickens to roast lamb. Our griddle accessory is a great addition – especially if you want to cook cakes, for example – and is surprisingly affordable as well as versatile.

We believe in making cooking on a braai easy so have designed our machines to have easily controllable burners and a rotation speed of 4rpm for perfect easy cooking. Our standard braai has the capacity to take a full lamb and to cook it to perfection, and we can even help with a selection of recipe selections that may inspire you to devise your own! Whatever you want to use your braai for – it’s great fun for parties and family dinners -we are sure you will consider it a worthy investment, so why not get in touch now and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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