Rock your spitbraai world by investing in a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai!

So when last did you bake a cake on your braai? Oh, you haven’t? Well that must be because you don’t own a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai yet!  BarBraai is South Africa’s number one stainless steel gas braai manufacturer and supplier, gathering thousands of supporters and loyal clients along the way who absolutely love […]

Nothing can stop you from braaing if you have SA’s number one stainless steel gas braai on hand!

Visit your favourite butcher to get the cuts of meat you love best, get your marinades mixed up and ready while you haul out your favourite braai recipes because the best gas Spitbraai for sale in South Africa is just a click away when you visit the BarBraai website!  These high quality stainless steel gas […]

Get ready to produce the best spitbraai in the neighbourhood with your BarBraai Gas Braai!

Once you own a BarBraai Gas Braai you will never have to hire an outside caterer again to provide your guests with a spitbraai that delivers a succession of mouth-watering dishes cooked perfectly every time, made from your own special braai recipes! No matter what you cook on your BarBraai gas spitbraai, whether it is […]

A braai is a braai is a braai unless it’s a super stainless steel gas braai from BarBraai!

A braai is a braai is a braai, no matter how you look at it, and no matter how dyed-in-the-wool you are about whether it is still a ‘real’ braai if you are using a gas braai; you have to concede on too many points to come out as a winner in any debate about […]

Bring out all your favourite braai recipes to prepare for the delivery of your BarBraai Gas Braai!

Ask any happy customer why they love their BarBraai gas braai and you will get a standard answer; quality, affordability, convenience and versatility, all rolled into one!  BarBraai has not become the supplier of the number one stainless steel gas braai in South Africa for nothing, this team has put a lot of thought and […]

Break all the rules of braaing with a gas braai from BarBraai!

If you have been hiring caterers to do your spit braai’s then its time you visit BarBraai to plan your investment in the stainless steel gas braai caterers are stocking up on in order to make light work of their own spit braai’s! A BarBraai Spit Braai or BarBraai Mini Spit Braai will turn your […]

Braai throughout the year with a BarBraai Gas Braai!

Whether it’s a hot summer day or cosy rainy day, South Africans will braai, but the best way to make sure you can enjoy your braai all year round is to invest in South Africa’s number one gas braai from BarBraai.  Accessing your gas braai is made easy with the online options offered by BarBraai […]

Become a braai master of note with a BarBraai gas braai!

If you really want to impress friends and family with amazing braai cuisine then you really need to make sure you do it with a BarBraai stainless steel gas braai!  All you have to do to get the ball rolling is to light the gas and from then on you will be able to control […]

The BarBraai family invites you to a braai with a difference!

BarBraai has taken the great South African tradition of braaing to a whole new level by using the highest quality materials to design and manufacture their now famous BarBraai Gas Braai, which has taken the nation by storm!  A braai has never been easier than with a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai, while the use […]

Start a mouth-watering journey to the best gas braai in South Africa with the team at BarBraai.

How would you like to invite your friends to a braai and watch their faces when they see no fire burning and nothing looking remotely like coals anywhere in sight? With the number one selling stainless steel gas braai in South Africa from Bar Braai you can have this kind of fun, hide all the […]

Conjure up the tastiest braai magic with a BarBraai gas spitbraai and never look back!

Why not make your braai life easy and invest in an affordable gas braai from BarBraai?  Start out with breakfast, with everything on the menu, then turn your braai into a spitbraai in to no time to braai a whole lamb, several chickens, game and anything else you can think of to do on a […]

BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Spitbraai’s give you complete control over cooking your favourite dishes!

BarBraai has taken the South African braai tradition by storm with their high quality stainless steel gas braai’s, making them South Africa’s number one supplier of stainless steel gas braai’s, and with the friendly service each client experiences on contact with this team who are passionate about what they do, it is only a pleasure […]

Spread your love for great braai’s the easy way with BarBraai gas gas braai’s!

BarBraai is South Africa’s premier supplier of stainless steel gas braai’s designed to bring more of the fun and less of the work into the braai life of many South Africans!  Designed and manufactured by BarBraai using the highest quality of stainless steel and expert workmanship, you will be hard pressed to find this kind […]

Entertainment becomes an absolute pleasure with highly rated gas braai’s from BarBraai.

If you are looking for the best gas braai in South Africa then BarBraai should definitely be your first port of call!  Once you have checked out the superb quality of the stainless steel gas braai’s designed and manufactured by the friendly BarBraai team it will not be a difficult decision to place your order […]

BarBraai Spitbraai’s make producing the most succulent pork, beef and lamb effortless!

Spitbraai’s have traditionally been considered long drawn out affairs that take ages to cook your favourite dishes, but with the number one gas braai for sale in South Africa from the passionate team at BarBraai this has all changed!  While still being able to catch up with your family and friends while the potjie or […]

A BarBraai stainless steel gas spitbraai is an essential requirement for any braai lover.

If you would like to turn your braai into a full outdoor kitchen that allows you to prepare an incredibly wide range of succulent lamb and pork roasts, as well as being able to produce vegetable side dishes, braai bread and out of this world cakes and deserts, then a BarBraai gas braai will be […]

Invest in your own affordable stainless steel gas braai from Bar Braai for great returns in the long run!

If you are looking for the best gas spitbraai for sale in South Africa then the team at Bar Braai is just a call away!  For meat and other accompaniments cooked on a braai you just cannot get better than what the stainless steel gas braai from Bar Braai offers with the functionality of heat […]

Get the party started and expand your menu with an easy to use gas spitbraai from Bar Braai!

How much easier can braaing be than to light your gas braai from Bar Braai quickly, turn the knob to control the flame across the burners to reach the perfect temperature and pop out divine food for breakfast, lunch and supper?  Bar Braai has become the number one supplier of gas braais in Pretoria and […]

For the best gas spitbraai’s in South Africa, contact your friendly team at Bar Braai and get started today!

Bar Braai has made catering your own spitbraai a cinch with our lightweight stainless steel gas braai, ensuring the successful delivery of mouth-watering dishes cooked on the braai, no matter how many friends or family gather for any celebration or occasion that calls for a braai, and as South Africans we don’t need much of […]

Find out exactly why Bar Braai has become the number one supplier of gas braais in South Africa.

Using a gas braai means that you achieve instant heat as soon as you light it and quickly have a perfectly controlled flame across all burners to produce a stunning range of meals, making braaing easier than ever before. The range of meals that you can cook on our gas braais is limitless, all you […]

Take a short cut to the perfect braai with stainless steel gas braai’s from Bar Braai!

Next time you want to have a Spitbraai, before you hire an outside caterer to do the braai, think about investing in an affordable stainless steel gas braai from Bar Braai!  No matter what the occasion is or how many guests you are expecting, we will have the right size braai to suit you. The […]

Join the happy braai family with affordable gas braai’s from Bar Braai.

With the reputation for delivering quality stainless steel gas braai’s in South Africa, Bar Braai has become the premier supplier of affordable Spit Braai’s and Mini Spit Braai’s, offering a great range of accessories that take your braai experience to the next level in taste.  Our gas braai’s are built to endure the South African […]

Instant heat that offers perfect temperature control in a lightweight gas braai!

Prepare a whole lamb or pork as well as chicken or deboned lamb in no time at all with a basic Spitbraai from Bar Braai fitted with a standard rotary system. We are very proud of the quality workmanship that has gone into manufacturing our durable stainless steel gas braai’s and are committed to offering […]

Bar Braai will deliver your Spit Braai or Mini Spit Braai right to your front door!

You don’t have to be foodie in order to know that no matter what kind of cuisine you prefer, absolutely nothing comes close to food and meat delivered piping hot from the braai.  If anyone asks what the common factor is that all South Africans have in common where it comes to choosing our most […]

Buying a Braai? Talk to Us!

Are you thinking of buying your own braai? It’s a great idea, and gives you the chance to cook outdoors whenever you want. Whether you are planning on cooking your evening meals in the wonderful South African sun, or hosting a party for friends or family, a braai is a great way to cook, and […]

Perfect Weather for a Braai!

When the sun is out in the evening it is the perfect opportunity to get cooking on the braai – if, that is, you have one! Thanks to us at Bar Braai’s, you can afford a quality spit braai, and be able to cook when you want, where you want. Why do we invite you […]

Cooking on a Braai is Always Fun!

Are you someone who loves to cook outdoors on a braai, with friends and family around enjoying the weather? Wouldn’t it be great to have one of your own, that you could use any time you wanted? At Bar Braai’s, the number one name in stainless steel gas powered braais in South Africa, we can […]

Quality Spit Braai South Africa

For many South Africans a traditional braai is a popular way of cooking, and the enjoyment of being outdoors in the glorious sunshine, with family or friends around, is something that is hard to beat. However, if you need to hire a braai and the accompanying accessories it can be expensive, so what about buying […]

Saturday, Sunday, National Braai Day – any braai day is perfect with gas braai’s from Bar Braai!

Built to withstand all that the South African weather can do, summer or winter, using a gas braai makes braaing not only fun, but so easy as well.  Our stainless steel braai’s from Bar Braai are very light and of the highest standard of quality you will find in the country. Because of the high […]

Change your braai life with the experience of owning a high quality stainless steel gas braai!

With a reputation earned as the number one supplier of high quality stainless steel braai’s, we are absolutely sure that once you own one of our braai’s on offer at Bar Braai, you will never look back, nor will you ever doubt that you have made an excellent investment at a value-for-money price. We pride […]

Bar Braai offers real value for money with our stainless steel gas braai’s and spit braai’s.

In South Africa we have a list of reasons to have a braai or spit braai that is virtually never ending!  There is the birthday braai, Christmas braai, going away and welcome home braai, housewarming braai or just a midweek braai to get a couple of buddies together, most of whom will add their two […]

A proudly South African tradition made easy with stainless steel gas braai’s and spit braai’s.

Food is the reason many travel the world, and the one universal South African cuisine in our Rainbow Nation that makes us truly unique, is our love of braai’s, and they are legendary worldwide! Our goal at Bar Braai is to make the experience of continuing our proud tradition and heritage in cooking on a […]

How to Cook Perfect Meat

If you love cooking outdoors, then you will love put stainless steel spit braais. We are Bar Braai’s, and we are the leading name in quality braais and equipment in South Africa. we’ve supplied our excellent braais to many satisfied customers across the country, each of whom can now enjoy perfect cooking outdoors whenever they […]

Why a Gas Powered Braai is a Great Buy

Cooking on a braai is a great way to enjoy good company and beautiful weather – not to mention gorgeous food – but isn’t it a chore trying to light them? You take ages before it catches and then you have to wait until it’s hot enough to cook, and it often gives you uneven […]

Affordable Quality Braais in South Africa

If you are considering buying your own braai – and it is a great decision to do so – then don’t make your choice until you have read this! We are Bar Braai’s, the number one supplier of gas powered stainless steel braais and accessories in South Africa, and we have no doubt we can […]

Enjoy the Weather – Cook on a Braai

So the sun is out, the weather is great and you’re looking forward to the weekend; wouldn’t it be great to go home, fire up a braai in a few moments, and enjoy cooking on your very own braai? Beautifully cooked lamb and vegetables with all your family and friends is a meal you can’t […]

The Joys of Cooking on a Braai

What is it about cooking on a braai that makes it our favourite summer pastime? It’s a combination of great food, the wonderful smell of meat on the spit, the gorgeous summer weather and the company. For many people a braai cook is a special occasion – perhaps as art of a party or gathering […]

Stainless Steel Braais at Great Prices

Are you thinking about buying your own braai? Perhaps you have been renting one on a regular basis, and have realised that you might save money if you buy one outright. If so, then don’t make your mind up until you have had a look at our range of quality braais, which we believe are […]

A Braai in Your Garden? Why Not!

Everyone loves cooking on a braai, and it is a great way of livening up any party or gathering. There is one problem, though: they can be notoriously difficult to light as they require natural fuels. This can be overcome, however, if you choose one of the range of spit braais from Bar Braai’s, the […]

Buy Your Own Braai and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Cooking on a braai is something of a tradition in South Africa, and hiring one for a party or event is a great way of keeping your guests fed with gloriously cooked food. However, wouldn’t you prefer to have your own? That way, you could choose to light up the braai whenever you wanted – […]

Gas Powered Braai vs. Traditional Fuels – the Verdict

A traditional braai, powered by burning wood or charcoal, is a wonderful way to cook. The combination of the smell, the sound and the wonderful taste of the final product is difficult to beat, yet there are problems. Perhaps the main pitfall is that a traditional braai can be hard to light; many of us […]

Why You Need Your Own Braai!

Let’s be honest, it’s something you’ve always wanted: your own braai, ready and waiting to use at any time, for evening meals or impromptu parties and celebrations. The convenience of being able to cook beautiful meals outside and enjoy time in the sun with your family is something that needs to be experienced, and once […]

Great Recipe Ideas for Cooking on a Braai

Cooking outdoors on a braai is very popular throughout South Africa, thanks to both the wonderful weather and the traditions of braai cooking. However, did you know there is much more to a braai than meat? Indeed, at Bar Braais we can sell you not only your own braai – at a surprisingly affordable price […]

Here Comes the Sun!

Here’s the scene: the summer is beckoning, the sun is out and you feel like cooking outside. So you hire a braai, and enjoy it so much you wish you could have your own. Well, you can, and you may be surprised how affordable it can be. In fact, at Bar Braais we reckon we […]

Why a Braai Makes a Party Great!

If you are having a party or even a smaller gathering you will probably be thinking of cooking on a braai. This means, if you don’t have your own, hiring the equipment – and perhaps even the cook – for the day, but why not take the opportunity to invest in your own? Let’s face […]

Buy a Spit Braai and Save on Rental Fees

If you are one of the many people in South Africa who enjoys cooking outdoors on a braai then join the club, we love them too! The difference is that we supply gas powered spit braais; the advantages are many – not least the fact they can be fired up at will, without the problems […]

What Makes a Spit Braai Special?

It’s part of the South African summer: the weather is beautiful, the weekend is here, it’s time to fire up the braai! Everyone loves the experience of outdoor cooking on a spit braai, yet sometimes the chore of getting it to light can put you off! What if there was a way of being able […]

Full Range of Accessories from Bar Braai’s

So you’ve taken our advice and decided to buy your own spit braai; it’s a great idea, as it means that you can cook outdoors whenever you want without the need to plan in advance, and with our up to date gas powered equipment you can be up and running in no time at all. […]

Cook on a Spitbraai Whenever You Want!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to step outdoors onto your patio or into the garden and fire up your own spitbraai, whenever you wanted? No more planning ahead, no expense of hiring the equipment; it’s yours, all the time, and ready to go! Of course, you are thinking, that’s all very well, but […]

Mini Spitbraai is Portable and Versatile

Are you considering buying your own spitbraai? It makes sense for anyone who enjoys the fun of cooking outdoors and has to hire the equipment on a regular basis. Perhaps you are updating your old equipment and seeking a quality spitbraai at a great price? Well, look no further: at Bar Braai’s we have a […]

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