Why a Gas Powered Braai is a Great Buy

Cooking on a braai is a great way to enjoy good company and beautiful weather – not to mention gorgeous food – but isn’t it a chore trying to light them? You take ages before it catches and then you have to wait until it’s hot enough to cook, and it often gives you uneven results. Well, all that can be history when you buy one of our gas powered braais; we are Bar Braai’s, and we are the number one supplier of top quality braais and equipment in South Africa.

What is it about gas powered braais that makes them more desirable than the traditional models? Our braais are built from high quality stainless steel for not only an attractive finish, but also the very best in durability. They will last a long time left outside, and you will get your money’s worth without a doubt! As for the gas power – which comes from a standard bottle you can buy in your local hardware store – it makes life very easy indeed; simply turn it on and you can start cooking, and you get full control of the burners so you can achieve perfect all-over cooking.

With Bar Braai’s you also get excellent service – buy your braai from us and we will deliver it to your door and have it ready for use – and also we offer excellent prices which mean you can afford to buy your own braai whatever the budget. You can buy everything from us to have a braai that can cook a full lamb or hog, and we are confident that – as with all of our satisfied clients – you will be happy with your purchase. Have a closer look at the Bar Braai’s website now, and invest in a braai that will make your life much more fun.

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