The Joys of Cooking on a Braai

What is it about cooking on a braai that makes it our favourite summer pastime? It’s a combination of great food, the wonderful smell of meat on the spit, the gorgeous summer weather and the company. For many people a braai cook is a special occasion – perhaps as art of a party or gathering – but wouldn’t it be great to make it something you could do as and when you wished? At Bar Braai’s we can offer you a quality, stainless steel braai at a price you can afford. Interested? Read on!

Our range of stainless steel braais come in a choice of sizes so there will be one that suits you, and as they are well built they are designed to withstand everything the weather can throw at them. As the leading supplier of spit braai equipment in South Africa Bar Braai’s take great pride in ensuring our products are the best in the business, and also the easiest to use. We choose to supply gas powered models as they are easy to light and the burners can be evenly regulated, so you will enjoy beautifully cooked food every time.

Whether you are fond of cooking meat on the bone or vegetable dishes a braai is a great way to do it, and our models can easily serve 50 people so are perfect for parties. The gas is readily available in bottles at a local hardware store and also makes your braai portable, there is nothing like a fun, leisurely outdoor cooking session with friends and family, so why not check out our range right now? We have everything you need in terms of accessories, too, so you can come to us and get kitted out with the perfect package for everyday braai cooking!

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