Start a mouth-watering journey to the best gas braai in South Africa with the team at BarBraai.

How would you like to invite your friends to a braai and watch their faces when they see no fire burning and nothing looking remotely like coals anywhere in sight? With the number one selling stainless steel gas braai in South Africa from Bar Braai you can have this kind of fun, hide all the preparations and leave your guests wondering how many hours their tummies are going to have to grumble until the braai is done!

Once you have them well and truly worried, wheel your BarBraai stainless steel gas braai out, light it and add anything you would like to braai and watch their faces transform as you control the heat perfectly across all burners, no doubt everyone will then sit back and relax while they enjoy their beer and wine!

BarBraai has definitely revolutionised the South African tradition of enjoying a braai, no matter what the occasion, and most times we really don’t even need a special reason to indulge, but this lightweight Mini Spitbraai and Lamb Spitbraai, otherwise known as the Standard Spitbraai will change your braai life completely.

True value for money added to great quality and excellent workmanship ensures that your investment will give you returns faster than anything else could and will last a lot longer.  These lightweight high quality aluminium gas braai’s are easy to store, durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather and portable enough to take on holiday for breakfast, lunch and supper!

Yours will be the best breakfast ever tasted, adding a Barbraai Griddle to your Standard Spitbraai to make unforgettable eggs, bacon, wors and freshly baked braai bread, you will just have to make sure you have extra helpings, everyone will definitely want more.

The fantastic extras you are able to add to the Standard Spitbraai, otherwise known as the Lamb Spitbraai will extend your menu beyond anything you would believe possible, from flapjacks to cakes and pies, the sky is the limit.  Then of course, you can prepare 4 whole deboned lambs by simply adding a BarBraai Rotary basket and 123 it’s done.

Braaing has never been this easy or this versatile so contact the BarBraai team or visit their website to start your mouth-watering journey to the best gas braai in South Africa.

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