Saturday, Sunday, National Braai Day – any braai day is perfect with gas braai’s from Bar Braai!

Built to withstand all that the South African weather can do, summer or winter, using a gas braai makes braaing not only fun, but so easy as well.  Our stainless steel braai’s from Bar Braai are very light and of the highest standard of quality you will find in the country.

Because of the high quality of our braai’s, Bar Braai has become the premier supplier of quality, affordable gas braai’s and spit braai’s, as well as offering a great range of extra’s that add that help to create endless possibilities to use with virtually any recipe.

From our range of gas powered stainless steel braai’s you can be sure that our team will be happy to guide you to the perfect size braai that will last for  a long time to come, whether you are having a large gathering or making breakfast, lunch or supper for the family and a few friends. Our gas braai’s are so easy to use, do not take up a lot of space and moving or storing it is a lightweight, simple job.

From our Lamb Spit Braai to the Mini Spit Braai, you are able to create your own private braai heaven in which to test all kinds of recipes, and nothing tastes better than when it is made on a braai.  Knowing that you are able to control the temperature on the gas braai’s that we supply at Bar Braai, you are able to make speciality dishes with ease and all it takes is hooking up to a gas bottle.

No more searching for the perfect dry wood and waiting for coals to get to the right temperature, knowing you only get one shot at getting your meat, chicken or veggies perfectly cooked, nor will you ever have to cancel your braai when the weather turns against you, not when you have armed yourself with one of our stainless steel gas braai’s.

View our range of braai’s and braai accessories on our website or contact one of our team at Bar Braai to get ready to own the best braai at a truly affordable price, backed up by friendliness and service excellence!

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