Rock your spitbraai world by investing in a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai!

So when last did you bake a cake on your braai? Oh, you haven’t? Well that must be because you don’t own a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai yet!  BarBraai is South Africa’s number one stainless steel gas braai manufacturer and supplier, gathering thousands of supporters and loyal clients along the way who absolutely love their gas braais and wonder how they every did without them!

There is no fiddling and fidgeting or burning of fingers involved when you cook amazing meals on a gas braai, it’s simply a matter of setting the temperature perfectly, sitting back and watching your food turn into mouth-watering dishes that will have everyone coming back for seconds, possibly thirds!

There is an awesome range of goodies you can produce fresh from your BarBraai Mini Spitbraai or Standard Spitbraai, to the extent that you can even produce a spitbraai to suit the appetites of up to fifty guests; who needs professionals when you can do the perfect lamb spit, beef spit or pork spit and do all the side dishes to perfection yourself!  In fact, the combinations of meat you can prepare in your BarBraai Mini Spitbraai are endless!

The BarBraai Mini Spitbraai comes with a host of accessories that include a frying pan, grill and spit forks, keeping you ready to make the most of any meal any time of the day on your gas braai, from breakfast through lunch to supper.  With the Mini Spitbraai it is a cinch to turn ‘mini’ into super by adding the exclusive BarBraai 4-Basket Grid, making you look like superman or woman as you serve up a delicious spit for 50 people without breaking a sweat!

BarBraai put their hearts and backs into designing and manufacturing the best stainless steel gas braai in South Africa, offering these lightweight, easy to move gas braais just to make braai life easier, so why not contact this friendly team and get ready to rock your braai world!

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