Perfect Weather for a Braai!

When the sun is out in the evening it is the perfect opportunity to get cooking on the braai – if, that is, you have one! Thanks to us at Bar Braai’s, you can afford a quality spit braai, and be able to cook when you want, where you want. Why do we invite you to take a closer look at our range of top quality equipment? Quite simply, our braais take the strain out of lighting up and getting to the cooking, because they are gas powered and easy to use.

Why choose gas powered over traditional, naturally fuelled braais? Our spit braais light instantly and allow you to control the burners; this gives an even heat and allows for excellent cooking, so you can evenly brown joints or even whole lambs with ease. The gas is bought in bottles from your high street, so you can afford to use it on a regular basis. We have a reputation not just for excellent quality, but also for great customer service, and that’s why we are the number one supplier of stainless steel, gas powered braais in the country.

South Africa is, of course, the home of the braai, and this traditional method of cooking is one enjoyed by much of the population. We have a choice of models, including a mini braai that is surprisingly portable, and we can supply you with all the accessories you could possibly need. Add our baskets, for example, and you can increase your cooking potential considerably, and at little extra cost. With many satisfied customers across the country you can rely on us to provide you with quality goods at excellent rates, so why not get in touch right now, and one of our team will be more than happy to help with advice on the best model for you.

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