Join the happy braai family with affordable gas braai’s from Bar Braai.

With the reputation for delivering quality stainless steel gas braai’s in South Africa, Bar Braai has become the premier supplier of affordable Spit Braai’s and Mini Spit Braai’s, offering a great range of accessories that take your braai experience to the next level in taste.  Our gas braai’s are built to endure the South African climate in any season, putting the fun without the effort into braaing.

Gone are the days of hunting for the perfect wood that burns just right and having to pay close attention to the coals in order to achieve the right heat for different kinds of meat and other dishes. The stainless steel gas braai’s available through Bar Braai are designed to be easy to use as well as being lightweight enough to move or store without requiring too much space.

Speciality dishes and bread made in a gas braai take on a completely different flavour in comparison with traditional cooking. Being able to control the temperature on a gas braai makes it easy and straightforward to plan cooking times and control temperatures for different meats and dishes to serve a first class menu for your guests.

The Mini Spitbraai will not only turn you into an instant braaimaster when cooking meat, game or chicken, but with the pan, grill and spit forks that come standard with this gas braai, you will be able to make tasty breakfasts with eggs, bacon and sausages.

Setting your gas braai up for use is very easy, and as soon as you light it and have control over the temperature across the burners you will realise just how great your investment is in this durable, long lasting stainless steel gas braai!

Bar Braai has gained many satisfied customers who have benefitted from our high quality gas braai’s for years, from catering businesses who provide spit braai’s to restaurants who have invested in more than a few of our braai’s.  Why not join our happy braai family by contacting our friendly team who will offer you outstanding service while you make your choice of gas braai’s to take home!

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