How to start-up your braai?

spitbraai_gasAdjusting the gas regulator and firing-up your braai

1. Close the regulator tap so that there’s no flow of gas at all

2. Open the regulator tap a little

3. Connect gas relay pipe tightly to braai

4. Close taps on braai(clock-wise). The tap handle should point left when fully closed

5. Connect the regulator with gas cannister and open gas


7. Open the right-hand side tap(tap closest to the gas cannister side) a little. You shouldn’t be able to hear the gas flow

8. Open and close the tap a few times to get a feel for it

9. Wait for a few seconds until excess gas has been cleared

10. Ignite the burner that corresponds with the tap. Proceed lighting the other 2 in the same manner

11. Wait for a few minutes for burners to warm-up properly

12. Open all 3 taps fully. If you see flames around the burners, then your regulator is sending through too much gas. close the regulator slowly until there’s no flames

13. Tighten and lock the regulator

14. when you are finished braai-ing, close the gas flow down on the gas cannister…..until next time!!

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