Here Comes the Sun!

Here’s the scene: the summer is beckoning, the sun is out and you feel like cooking outside. So you hire a braai, and enjoy it so much you wish you could have your own. Well, you can, and you may be surprised how affordable it can be. In fact, at Bar Braais we reckon we can save you money in the long run by buying one of our excellent stainless steel gas powered braais, as you won’t have to shell out for expensive hire costs. Still not convinced? OK, let us explain further.

Take a look at our range of braais – the standard and mini versions offer extremely capable cooking facilities with a full range of available accessories – and then tell us you don’t want one. Of course you do, because this really would be the perfect addition to your garden! Imagine being able to step outside, fire up the braai – it lights instantly, no messing around with fuel, thanks to being powered by a gas bottle – and get cooking, whenever you choose! That’s what owning a braai is about, and what better than to be able to invite people over for an impromptu al fresco meal?

You’ll also find that our braais are surprisingly affordable, and as they are made from stainless steel they last a long time, even when exposed to the elements. Furthermore, with gas powered bar braais you get perfect cooking thanks to the even flame and adjustable burners, and our braais are movable so you can change position to suit. Why not have a closer look at the great range of braais and accessories at Bar Braais, the number one supplier of stainless steel gas powered braais in South Africa? We’re sure you will be impressed with our quality and prices!

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