Great Recipe Ideas for Cooking on a Braai

Cooking outdoors on a braai is very popular throughout South Africa, thanks to both the wonderful weather and the traditions of braai cooking. However, did you know there is much more to a braai than meat? Indeed, at Bar Braais we can sell you not only your own braai – at a surprisingly affordable price – but we can also provide a full range of accessories that turn your braai into the perfect cooking machine from everything from vegetables to bread and even cakes. Really, you can’t go wrong with Bar Braais.

What’s so special about our braais? Bar Braais is the number one supplier of gas powered stainless steel braais in the country, and they come with many benefits. First, the stainless steel: our designs are robustly made using the finest quality stainless steel for long life and weather resistance, important as it is most likely the braai will spend its life outdoors. As for gas power, this overcomes the problems with lighting a braai using traditional fuels – and we’ve all experienced the frustration of a braai that won’t light – as you can simply turn on the gas, and the burners will light.

With a full range of accessories from additional trays and shelves to cooking implements, the former of which can expand your capability a great deal and allow you to cook for as many as 50 guests, and great prices, you can get cooking right away with Bar Braais, and the gas bottles you need are available from many high street stores. Take a closer look at our website now for more great information on our excellent range of braais, and if you need any questions answering simply get in touch, and one of our team will be more than happy to help in any way they can.

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