Get the party started and expand your menu with an easy to use gas spitbraai from Bar Braai!

How much easier can braaing be than to light your gas braai from Bar Braai quickly, turn the knob to control the flame across the burners to reach the perfect temperature and pop out divine food for breakfast, lunch and supper?  Bar Braai has become the number one supplier of gas braais in Pretoria and throughout South Africa by designing and manufacturing the very best in gas braais from high quality stainless steel.

Our many satisfied customers are testimony to the contribution the team at Bar Braai has made in revolutionising the love of braaing in South Africa, making it easy to become a braai master in your own right without effort, no matter who you are.  Our braai’s have also been designed to be easy to transport and store, as well as durable enough to handle all kinds of weather, so that no matter what time of the year it is, you will still be able to have your braai.

Purchasing a gas spitbraai from Bar Braai is real money for value, affordable enough for any braai loving family to own, and with gas lasting a lot longer than wood does you will also be saving money in the long run. Whether you choose the Mini Spitbraai or Spitbraai from Bar Braai along with accessories that will turn your gas braai into a chef’s kitchen on wheels, you will never regret joining the Bar Braai family.

The Mini Spitbraai from Bar Braai comes standard with a powerful and adjustable burner which will cook any dish to perfection, from steaks and chops to chicken and eggs, as well as so much more, in addition, our Mini Spitbraai can be turned into a super spitbraai with the addition of our exclusive 4-Basket Grid, allowing you to serve up to 50 guests for any occasion.  Accessories such as a frying pan, grill and spit forks come standard with the Mini Spitbraai, presenting as many possibilities as you can think of to add to your braai menu.

For the best breakfast, lunch and supper that a braai can deliver, please contact our friendly team at Bar Braai to get you started with your own convenient gas braai.

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