Gas Powered Braai vs. Traditional Fuels – the Verdict

A traditional braai, powered by burning wood or charcoal, is a wonderful way to cook. The combination of the smell, the sound and the wonderful taste of the final product is difficult to beat, yet there are problems. Perhaps the main pitfall is that a traditional braai can be hard to light; many of us have spent time getting more and more frustrated trying to light a braai, and it spoils the enjoyment of the occasion. So, gas powered braais: are they the real deal, and what benefits do they have?

As the number one supplier of gas powered stainless steel braais in South Africa we can show you why a gas model is a better choice of investment. The first point is the obvious one: our range of braais is powered by bottled gas – readily available at local stores – and will light instantly, every time. No waiting around or wasted time, just light it up and get cooking! Then there’s the controlled flame: the gas burners can be fully controlled on all our braais, enabling you to achieve a perfect result each time you cook.

The affordability of the gas itself is another bonus, and we should also mention that the stainless steel construction of the Bar Braais range leads to greater durability and longer life. As for prices, have a look at our range of braais and accessories, and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are. Gas powered braais are the way forward if you want to cook on your braai without forward planning, and with many satisfied customers so far we are sure we have the model for you, so why not get in touch right now and one of the Bar Braais team will be more than happy to help.

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