Find out exactly why Bar Braai has become the number one supplier of gas braais in South Africa.

Using a gas braai means that you achieve instant heat as soon as you light it and quickly have a perfectly controlled flame across all burners to produce a stunning range of meals, making braaing easier than ever before.

The range of meals that you can cook on our gas braais is limitless, all you need is a little imagination and you can produce anything from steaks to bread and everything in between.  The preparation of chops, ribs and wors is made effortless with the addition of a Bar Braai Custom Grill to the rotary system of your gas spitbraai, and with 4 rotary baskets added you will make short work of up to 3 de-boned lambs.

Create divine cakes and pies, or bake the best braai bread ever on your Bar Braai spitbraai when you add a Barbraai Griddle, which will also make breakfast a breeze! Bar Braai is proud to be the number one supplier of gas braais in South Africa, a position which our team has reached by being able to offer quality workmanship in the manufacture of our stainless steel spitbraais while at the same time maintaining affordable prices.

Companies that cater for spitbraais have achieved enormous success after purchasing their spitbraais from Bar Braai because transporting our spitbraai is easy and caterers no longer have to worry about ceramic blocks and bricks that crack during transportation.

With a Bar Braai spitbraai you will be able to plan cooking and serving times to the minute by relying on fully adjustable burners that give you five ways of adjusting the burners to suit whatever dish you have on the menu, at the perfect temperature to offer absolute success you can rely on every time.

Please visit our website or contact our team at Bar Braai to find out exactly why we have become the number one supplier of gas braais in South Africa!

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