Enjoy the Weather – Cook on a Braai

So the sun is out, the weather is great and you’re looking forward to the weekend; wouldn’t it be great to go home, fire up a braai in a few moments, and enjoy cooking on your very own braai? Beautifully cooked lamb and vegetables with all your family and friends is a meal you can’t fail to enjoy, so check out the selection of superb braais and equipment we provide at Bar Braai’s, the number one provider of quality stainless steel braais in South Africa.

What makes our braais so special? The equipment we sell is made to a high standard and intended for many years use in the outdoors, and ease of use is achieved by the fact our models are gas powered. This means you can buy your fuel locally in the shape of a standard gas bottle, connect to the braai and turn it on, and it lights in an instant. The gas burners are also easy to regulate so you get an even cook all over, and you will find it to be the easiest and most effective operating braai you ever use.

We also believe that the Bar Braai’s stainless steel construction is a major bonus, and our smaller model is entirely portable for ease of moving it around when needed. Our prices are also competitive and if you hire a braai as many people do, you save money quite quickly as you have access to the equipment all the time. Check out our full range of accessories including trays and baskets for added versatility, as well as a full variety of tools and other items, and you will see we are able to kit you out beautifully for the summer, so why not come to Bar Braai’s now and see just how affordable we are.

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