Enjoy a Spit Braai? Why Not Buy Your Own?

If you enjoy a spit braai – and let’s face it, it’s a great way of cooking outdoors for a party or family dinner – then you will know how difficult they can be to light. Also, if you need to hire the equipment it can also become very expensive.  At Bar Braai’s we have the solution – buy your own! Furthermore, our braais are all stainless steel for longer life in the outdoors, and are gas powered, so no more frustration when trying to get it to light!

You’re probably thinking this will be an expensive investment, one you can’t afford; we don’t claim our braais to be cheap – they are quality equipment, built to a high standard after all – but we do promise they are surprisingly affordable and that you will be find the prices very much to your satisfaction. Being gas powered they are also portable – especially the mini braai which is designed to be moved around when needed – and make the perfect addition to your patio or garden. With the convenience of your own braai you don’t have to plan in advance – you can cook outdoors any time you want!

The gas bottles are available at high street stores so you can refill whenever necessary, and the price is very sensible too, and you simply connect up a bottle, switch on, and cook away! The beauty of our designs is that they offer an even cooking result that is just perfect, and you can also buy a full range of accessories to add to the cooking capability of your braai for little extra cost. Why not get in touch with us and tell us what you want, or check out the website for more information on our excellent range of quality equipment.

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