Conjure up the tastiest braai magic with a BarBraai gas spitbraai and never look back!

Why not make your braai life easy and invest in an affordable gas braai from BarBraai?  Start out with breakfast, with everything on the menu, then turn your braai into a spitbraai in to no time to braai a whole lamb, several chickens, game and anything else you can think of to do on a spitbraai for lunch and supper!

Choose the Standard BarBraai gas spitbraai and you will have everything you need to get started easily, with fully adjustable gas burners which allow you five ways of adjusting the burners for the perfect heat distribution required for your dish, a powerful motor which turns at 4rpm, pipes, connector tubes, regulator and a gas canister stand on a wheel, making it easy to store or move.  The only thing you need to add to this truly great value-for-money-investment is the gas canister; it could not be easier to get yourself ready for your first BarBraai gas braai or spitbraai!

Add the fantastic Standard BarBraai accessories to your gas braai, such as a flat grill, rotary baskets or BarBraai Griddle, fun and good food will be the result every time without a doubt.  If you think this is great, wait until you hear about the BarBraai Mini Spitbraai, which is a far away from mini as a giant is from a man!

This magical invention, also made of high grade stainless steel, seriously turns into a super spitbraai which will make it easy for you to cater to 50 hungry guests, hard to believe it is capable of this from its name! The accessories you can add to the BarBraai Mini Spitbraai will make you want to try all your favourite dishes at once, but this could turn into a marathon braai of epic proportions!

Many very happy BarBraai clients have purchased a BarBraai Stainless Steel Gas Braai and never bothered to build a braai, using the gas braai up to five times a week, from breakfast to lunch or supper and everything in-between.

It really is well worthwhile to visit the BarBraai website to see the culinary magic which can be conjured up with these lightweight, durable babies, just remember to check out the accessories, it will not be long before you decide this is just the braai for you!

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