Change your braai life with the experience of owning a high quality stainless steel gas braai!

With a reputation earned as the number one supplier of high quality stainless steel braai’s, we are absolutely sure that once you own one of our braai’s on offer at Bar Braai, you will never look back, nor will you ever doubt that you have made an excellent investment at a value-for-money price.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with excellent prices for our choice of braai’s and great accessories that will take your braai experience to another level.  Our braai’s are made to last as well as being durable and portable, offering you great temperature control with the use of gas. Nothing can be easier than being able to light your braai quickly and have a perfectly controlled flame right across all burners!

Once you own one of our braai’s it may become hard to eat conventionally cooked food, and with our beautiful South African climate, eating outdoors is as natural as breathing to us, so join us at Bar Braai and get in on the revolution of using gas as an easy, economical way to enjoy your favourite foods on the braai.

Our basic Bar Braai Spit Braai is fitted with a standard rotary system that enables you to prepare a whole lamb or pork, chicken or deboned lamb.  It also comes with everything you need to get started like fully adjustable gas burners that offer five ways to adjust the burners to get the perfect heat distribution you need, a powerful motor that turns at 4 rpm, pipes, connectors, tubes, regulator and a gas canister stand with its own wheel making it easy to move with your Spit Braai.

Visit our website to view the fantastic accessories to go with your braai for any occasion, or contact our friendly team to start the change, we will make it easy for you to order to perfect size braai, at the best price, and deliver it to you, complete and ready to use.

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