Buy Your Own Braai and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Cooking on a braai is something of a tradition in South Africa, and hiring one for a party or event is a great way of keeping your guests fed with gloriously cooked food. However, wouldn’t you prefer to have your own? That way, you could choose to light up the braai whenever you wanted – for lunch, perhaps, or an evening meal – and even have an impromptu party. Of course, a braai will cost a lot of money – or will it? Bar Braai’s is the leading supplier of quality braai equipment and accessories in South Africa, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices.

So, what’s so special about the Bar Braai’s range of equipment? There are many elements that make these the best in the business, and one is that they are made from stainless steel. This gives them added durability and means they can also withstand the elements very well. Then there’s the fact they are gas powered; you simply hook up a bottle – available from your local hardware store – switch it on, and it lights straight away, with easily controlled burners allowing for perfect cooking.

The choice of models is also a bonus, as the Mini Braai is portable and can be moved easily, and a full range of accessories means you can customise your braai to be exactly what you want it to. Your braai will be able to cook a full lamb with ease, and you will find it to be the most useful purchase you have ever made. Why not take a closer look at the Bar Braai’s selection of models right away? You can check out the full range – and some helpful recipes – on their website and see just how enjoyable it would be to own your own ready to use braai.

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