Bring out all your favourite braai recipes to prepare for the delivery of your BarBraai Gas Braai!

Ask any happy customer why they love their BarBraai gas braai and you will get a standard answer; quality, affordability, convenience and versatility, all rolled into one!  BarBraai has not become the supplier of the number one stainless steel gas braai in South Africa for nothing, this team has put a lot of thought and effort into designing the perfect gas braai manufactured from high quality stainless steel in order to produce an easy-to-use gas braai which can turn into a super spit braai at the drop of the hat, or at least by adding rotary baskets to the BarBraai Mini Spit Braai!

The functionality of the temperature control which spreads across all the burners ensures that no matter what you cook, from lamb and beef to cakes and potatoes, you will be serving delicious, perfectly cooked food every time, on time! Owning an affordable, durable and lightweight gas braai from BarBraai opens up a world of catering possibilities, whether you are a professional or not, you can take it out when it’s time  for a great meal, move it anywhere you would like it to be or store it with ease for the next celebration or family lunch and dinner.

Knowing that you can rely on the convenience of temperature control with your BarBraai gas braai, your menu options extend from deliciously cooked lamb, pork, chicken or beef to hearty breakfasts of bacon, eggs, wors and all the trimmings, and to top it all off, add a freshly baked braai bread to breakfast or special desert to dinner, all of which makes a BarBraai gas braai perfect for an endless list of interesting dishes.

Whether you choose the BarBraai Lamb Spit Braai or BarBraai Mini Spit Braai, you will be investing in an affordable gas braai which will give you many years worth of good food, so pull out your favourite braai recipes and get ready to explore virtually any dish you can imagine in readiness for the delivery of your very own BarBraai Gas Braai!

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