Break all the rules of braaing with a gas braai from BarBraai!

If you have been hiring caterers to do your spit braai’s then its time you visit BarBraai to plan your investment in the stainless steel gas braai caterers are stocking up on in order to make light work of their own spit braai’s!

A BarBraai Spit Braai or BarBraai Mini Spit Braai will turn your world of conventional braaing on its head by offering you a lightweight stainless steel gas braai at affordable prices, designed to make braaing as easy as turning on the oven in your kitchen.  These durable, high quality gas braai’s are considered to be the number one gas braai’s in South Africa, bringing years worth of braai fun to thousands of families and friends nationwide.

With either a BarBraai Spit Braai or BarBraai Mini Spit Braai you can be absolutely confident that no matter what you cook, from beef to game or lamb to bacon and eggs, you will be offering your guests food that is cooked to perfection, always ready to eat on time.  No more waiting for a fire that may or may not be the perfect temperature for each dish!

Your BarBraai gas braai is made from high quality stainless steel and manufactured to withstand years worth of braai days, and with fully adjustable burners which allow for perfect heat distribution, you can well understand why you can feel confident that your guests will not have to wait any longer than necessary for fabulous food!

Lightweight enough to move and durable enough to take with you on holiday or to friends for special occasions, the BarBraai Gas Braai makes it easy for you to become your own caterer right in your own backyard, and with the right BarBraai accessories you can even turn the Mini Spit Braai into a gas braai capable of serving up a perfectly cooked menu of note for up to 50 people.

If professional caterers choose the number one gas braai in South Africa as their kitchen on wheels, then why hesitate to visit the BarBraai website, choose your gas braai and get ready to break all the rules of braaing!

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