BarBraai Spitbraai’s make producing the most succulent pork, beef and lamb effortless!

Spitbraai’s have traditionally been considered long drawn out affairs that take ages to cook your favourite dishes, but with the number one gas braai for sale in South Africa from the passionate team at BarBraai this has all changed!  While still being able to catch up with your family and friends while the potjie or spit is cooking, using a gas BarBraai spitbraai has revolutionised braaing in South Africa!

Using the right BarBraai accessories and extra’s opens up a whole new world of inspiration in which virtually anything can be added to your menu, from breakfast to lunch and supper, including the best braai bread you have ever tasted and cakes to celebrate special occasions! The BarBraai gas Spitbraai is one of the easiest and most effortless ways to produce tender, succulent pork, beef and lamb, ensuring success every time with the instant heat that using gas produces, offering the kind of temperature control any braai master will thoroughly appreciate!

Cooking on a spitbraai is exceptionally easy and fun, producing results that are amazing and will satisfy the most discerning guest at your braai, whether it is simply a get together of friends and family or a special celebration.

Purchasing your own spitbraai at the affordable prices offered by BarBraai brings you convenience in the form of a lightweight and durable spitbraai that is easy to transport, ensuring that you will never have to bring in outside caterers again, no matter what the occasion is.

Even if you are planning to do a spitbraai for up to 50 people, the Mini Spitbraai from BarBraai turns into a super spitbraai simply by adding the exclusive BarBraai 4-Basket Grid and because of the temperature control that the gas gives you across all the burners, your food will always be served on time, cooked to perfection!

Choose a gas braai from BarBraai designed to withstand the forces of nature with its high quality stainless steel design by contacting your friendly BarBraai team to get the ball rolling!

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