Bar Braai will deliver your Spit Braai or Mini Spit Braai right to your front door!

You don’t have to be foodie in order to know that no matter what kind of cuisine you prefer, absolutely nothing comes close to food and meat delivered piping hot from the braai.  If anyone asks what the common factor is that all South Africans have in common where it comes to choosing our most loved national cuisine, the answer will be a braai!

No matter where you go in the world you will find a pocket of South Africans huddled around the braai to make them less homesick and our braai’s are legendary worldwide.  If you really want to introduce visitors from other countries to a culinary feast that they will never experience anywhere else, invite them to experience the taste sensation of a braai.

Bar Braai has taken the effort out of trying to control temperatures to cook the perfect meat on a conventional wood and coal braai, and turned it on its head by offering stainless steel gas braai’s that are lightweight and easy to use.  It’s so simple that all you have to do is hook up the gas cylinder to create the perfect temperature for any meat or dish you want to braai.

The Spitbraai and Mini Spitbraai manufactured and produced by Bar Braai is made of high quality stainless steel that is durable and long-lasting, as well as being so lightweight that storing it or taking it with virtually anywhere you go. Despite being made from high quality stainless steel our bar braai’s are affordable and offer a fantastic investment that will give you years worth of braai returns!

Whether you are braaing whole spit lamb and pork roasts, or baking delicious bread to go with your breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage, your efforts will produce perfectly cooked food every time. Using a gas braai allows you the kind of temperature control that cannot be achieved with a wood and coal braai, as well as being able to get your timing just right to serve the food on time.

Visit our website to view the various gas braai’s offered in the form of the Spitbraai and Mini Spitbraai from Bar Braai, or contact our friendly team for further information on how to have your stainless steel gas braai delivered to your doorstep!

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