Bar Braai offers real value for money with our stainless steel gas braai’s and spit braai’s.

In South Africa we have a list of reasons to have a braai or spit braai that is virtually never ending!  There is the birthday braai, Christmas braai, going away and welcome home braai, housewarming braai or just a midweek braai to get a couple of buddies together, most of whom will add their two and six to your braai methods!

Once they see just how easy the process is with your gas braai, and how tasty the variety of meats you can cook on it really are, they will be begging you for the contact details of Bar Braai!

Although we have not stinted on quality, you will be amazed at the affordable prices we offer on the various size braai’s we stock.  Knowing that your braai is made from stainless steel should give you a good indication of the fact that it will be used over and over again, from the coast to the Karoo, it’s that lightweight to transport anywhere.

Owning your own gas spit braai or mini spit braai will open your eyes to just how cost effective it is to own your own as opposed to hiring an outside company to provide your spit braai. If you consider that with our exclusive 4-Basket Grid, the Mini Spit Braai from Bar Braai is able to turn into a super spit braai that can easily serve up to 50 people, making your braai one that is served on time, cooked to perfection!

With the exorbitant cost of electricity that just keeps rising, investing in a stainless steel gas braai is a sound one to make, one you can count on to keep giving you the best return on your initial, affordable outlay from Bar Braai.  Contact our friendly team for further information and guidance on which size braai will be perfect for you.

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