A proudly South African tradition made easy with stainless steel gas braai’s and spit braai’s.

Food is the reason many travel the world, and the one universal South African cuisine in our Rainbow Nation that makes us truly unique, is our love of braai’s, and they are legendary worldwide!

Our goal at Bar Braai is to make the experience of continuing our proud tradition and heritage in cooking on a braai an easy experience at affordable prices. Our spit braai and mini spit braai is made from high quality stainless steel built to last and lightweight enough to take virtually anywhere, from home to holiday.  We make it so easy to use, all you have to do is hook up to a gas cylinder and you are able to control the temperature perfectly to suit whatever meat or dish you are cooking.

Our love of having braai’s all year round is not simply about the meat, although we do have the finest meat to offer in the world, but it is about friends and families getting together in a relaxed atmosphere, connecting with your community and also welcoming strangers into a fundamental way of life for South Africans.

With the stainless steel gas braai’s and spit braai’s that Bar Braai have on offer, there is the right size braai for every occasion, one that you can rely on to deliver perfectly cooked food, from whole spit lamb or pork roasts, chicken, eggs and sausage, as well as baking the most delicious bread you have ever tasted. All this is made possible because of the temperature control that comes with using a gas braai as opposed to a traditional braai made with wood and coal.

Let our team introduce you to the best spit braai or mini braai you will ever own, after all, this is the basis on which our reputation for service excellence and affordable prices is built upon.  Join the braai family at Bar Braai to experience the pleasure of owning your own spit braai with a size to suit all occasions.

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