A braai is a braai is a braai unless it’s a super stainless steel gas braai from BarBraai!

A braai is a braai is a braai, no matter how you look at it, and no matter how dyed-in-the-wool you are about whether it is still a ‘real’ braai if you are using a gas braai; you have to concede on too many points to come out as a winner in any debate about it.  Unless you’ve been out there chopping the wood and drying it yourself, you can never be absolutely sure that it is actually going to burn when you need it to, or whether it will burn too fast and furious to leave you with coals that wouldn’t even burn your pinkie!

There’s also the time factor involved, stoke those coals as much as you like, if the temperature is not just right you are going to end up with some of your meat over cooked and some of it undercooked, while any special side dishes you may have planned could turn into a smash you had no intention of serving!

A stainless steel gas braai from BarBraai is the answer to it all, and yes, it is solidly South African, made by South African’s for South Africans, designed to bring braai perfection to every occasion, no matter what the menu consists of!  Designed and manufactured by the passionate team at BarBraai, only the highest quality in stainless steel has been used in the expert manufacture of South Africa’s number one stainless steel braai, and despite the expertise that has gone into these gas braais, BarBraai Gas Braais are affordable enough to belong in every South African home.

BarBraai Spitbraais are easy to set up for anyone and lightweight enough to cart around wherever you’d like to take it or store it.  When you are ready to add stunning breakfasts, desserts, breads and cakes to your meaty fare on the braai, give the enthusiastic team at BarBraai a call, they will happily assist you to choose the perfect gas spitbraai and accessories you need to suit your dream braai recipes!

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