A Braai in Your Garden? Why Not!

Everyone loves cooking on a braai, and it is a great way of livening up any party or gathering. There is one problem, though: they can be notoriously difficult to light as they require natural fuels. This can be overcome, however, if you choose one of the range of spit braais from Bar Braai’s, the leading name in high quality braai equipment and accessories in South Africa. We can help you to own a braai that you can use any time, and that will light straight away every time.

So, how do we overcome the lighting problem? Our range of quality braais are powered by gas, which makes them much more versatile than the traditional models. You can buy your gas in a bottle from a local store, and once connected, it will light straight away. Furthermore, this also gives you the ability to control the burners evenly, so you get a perfectly cooked lamb, chicken or whatever you choose to put on the spit. The gas option is also cheaper than having to source the natural fuels, and our braais are also portable as a result.

Bar Braai’s also stocks a range of accessories meaning you can add baskets and trays to your braai, giving you greater cooking versatility, and we are more than happy to advise you on the best model for you if you wish. We have a reputation for excellent customer service and great prices, and believe that our stainless steel braais are the best in the business. owning your own braai opens up the possibilities for cooking outdoors whenever you wish, so why not have a closer look at the models on offer, or get in touch with Bar Braai’s right now and one of their friendly expert team will be happy to help.

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